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EID ul Adha 2020 announcement

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated this year on Friday, July 31st 2020 Please stay safe and enjoy this eid with your immediate family and close loved ones.


07/09/2019 Last Saturday, August 7, at the end of the tournament, the Director of CIU Sheikh, speak out against radicalization and violence that does not represent Islam.


22/08/2019 On Thursday, the CIU representatives said welcome to the pilgrims of Hajj 1440-2019.


15/08/2019 On Thursday, August 15, the staff of Canadian Islamic Cultural Center Mosque, received and welcomed the members of the CIU (Canadian Islamic Union).

About CIU

CIU hopes to collectively develop strong bonds between Muslim members of the union based on the correct and balanced/moderate understanding of Islam. The Union will provide essential spiritual services at the highest quality to its members. The union shall be comprised of individuals that share a bond in their following of Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama’ah and its members will lead our community projects. Together we will work towards removing the obstacles for the current and future generations to carry on living as successful Muslim Canadians.

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Founding Principles / Values of the Union

  • 1- Every member is to have an overwhelming love of Allah and his messenger peace be upon him.
  • 2- We adamantly believe that developing taqwa at an individual level, in turn, will lead to knowledge and clarity being bestowed by Allah. Allah says, be conscious of Allah and he will teach you.
  • 3- Continuous engagement in Dhikr is a must, as it is what will bring us inner calmness and peace.
  • 4- Each member must be willing to sacrifice and strive to obtain the pleasure of Allah and get closer to Jannah.
  • 5- Every member must be full of humbleness and interact with fellow members in a very humble way.
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When the construction of the Islamic Center was finished;The Canadian Islamic Cultural Center was inaugurated, with the presence of the authorities of Canada, proceeding to discover the Covid-19 plaque on Monday 27 of jumadah Al Thani, year 1441 H of the Islamic Calendar.

It was a solemn official ceremony held for that purpose with the participation of important government officials; Members of the Arab and Islamic diplomatic corps, heads of schools, societies and Islamic entities in the region, as well as dignitaries from the Muslim community.

Our objectives

Serve Islam and the Islamic community in the neighborhood and muslim families in the vicinity.
Teach the Arabic language and make known the Islamic and Arabic culture.
Promote and expand the framework of cultural, educational, scientific, technical and general social works.

Our vision

To be an Islamic center, cultural and educational in its global sense, committed to serving the community, consolidating the identity of the Muslim and providing services to the whole society.

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